Many people have learned how to solve the Rubik’s cube by using this method! Will you try?

Positive effects of solving the Rubik’s cube

Improvements in concentration and the ability to focus; developing quick mental and physical reflexes; improvements in memory; nurturing patience, determination and perseverance as character traits; improving the ability to resolve problems; encouraging the ability to explore new ways in order to achieve better results...

Popularity of the Rubik’s cube and the Internet

The development of the Internet and the accessibility of information have made the Rubik’s cube popular worldwide. Aside from being attractive to the younger generations, it represents a challenge to many robotics engineers and programmers. It has become a cult toy for all age groups!

Competitions in solving the Rubik’s cube

On the site of the World Cube Association you can find all the information about past and current competitions and also announcements for future competitions worldwide, about the achieved results, records and competition categories (solving the Rubik’s cube with one hand, blindfolded, with your feet, and also for other types of cubes).