The easiest way to learn solving the Rubik’s cube

If it is the first time you to begin solving the Rubik’s cube…

This tutorial will guide you through the method layer by layer (LBL), step by step. This method includes more rotations but it is much simpler and easier to understand and learn.
There are several variations of this method and we have chosen the easiest one for you!

If your learning style is best described as logical and visual…

Along with short instructions and images, learning with animations is the easiest. The animations are simple, hand movements do not cover the cube, and you can replay them indefinitely.
You do not have to write down the algorithms and get distracted by focusing your attention to the paper instead of to the cube – all the algorithms you will need are built in into the animations.

New on the site

01.02.2017: A tutorial for solving Mini Rubik’s cube 2x2x2 has been added.