Step seven: orient yellow corners

This is a simple algorithm including the rotation of only the right and bottom side, but – it must be done six (or twelve) times!
The position of the cube is defined by the corner cube to be solved, i.e. it needs to be on the front right side. The algorithm repeats twice if the yellow colour is on the front, or four times if the yellow is on the right, and then rotating the upper layer brings us to the next corner cube to be solved. This will become clearer after watching the following video:

It can only happen that the starting position includes an even number of cubes to be correctly orientated (never just one or three!). The method of solving is the same even when two incorrectly positioned cubes are put diagonally (after solving the first one – we rotate the upper side for 180 degrees) or when all four cubes need to be solved (the algorithm repeats 12 times). It may also be the case that the situation (after positioning the corner cubes from the previous step) is that all the corner cubes have already been correctly orientated – the Rubik’s cube has already been solved.
You could also practise on the already solved Rubik’s cube – after 6 correct repetitions you are on the starting position again – check!

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