Useful links

We strongly recommend those pages of Wikipedia – free encyclopedia that deal with texts about the inventors and their works – mechanical puzzles that handle groups of parts, the so-called "twisty puzzles":

It is interesting to see the official site of the Rubik’ cube Rubik's - The home of Rubik's Cube as it shows the historical development of methods used to solve the cube and presents the record holders of speed solving the cube in the past forty years.

Beyond Rubik's cube is the world’s first museum exhibition about the Rubik’s cube. It hosts 7.000 square meters of games, puzzles, history, art and engineering, all inspired by Erno Rubik’s bestseller.

Competitions in solving the Rubik’s cube: on the site of the World Cube Association you can find all the information about past and current competitions and also announcements for future competitions worldwide, about the achieved results, records and competition categories (solving the Rubik’s cube with one hand, blindfolded, with your feet, and also for other types of cubes).

The biggest forum on solving the Rubik’s cube is more than 10 years old, with 1.000.000 posts and over 30.000 forum members worldwide.

Andy Klise has published the largest collection of algorithms about solving the Rubik’s and some other cubes in PDF format, a collection that you can free download and print if necessary.

The Rubik’s cube represents a challenge to programmers as well. Their virtual 3D presentations via the Internet have been released by Chrome, the most famous of all being Google’s doodle logo which can be solved even if you do not have your own cube.

If you do own your own cube but have been unable to solve it for a long time, or should you be interested in solving it in a fewest number of rotations (in approximately 20 steps – God’s algorithm), Ruwix offers you Rubik's Cube Solver.