About the site

  • The site easycube3.net is the result of an idea to show our method (aside from a myriad of other turorials you can find on the Internet) – of learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube the easiest way.
  • Our cube looks realistic and the view on the cube is not blocked by hands;
    the colours are added gradually layer by layer, which is the procedure that aims not to confuse the beginners, but rather to focus their attention to the colours that are important for that step;
    the video clips are not covered by commercials and ads.
  • Browsing this site and learning from the tutorials shown here is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.
  • The video clips can be replayed as many times as you wish, and are made in HD resolutions which allows the full-screen view.
  • This site is adapted for use on computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Our target group are all those who would like to master this attractive cube, especially young people and children. In our opinion, most people learn best when they can see and understand.
  • Time will show if this site gains popularity; in that case we will offer visual solutions to more complex algorithms, and for the other types of cubes.
  • The site easycube3.net is not approved by, nor is it owned or sponsored by the Rubik’s brand Ltd.

Terms of browsing

  • Easycube3 offers no diplomas nor certificates when you master solving the cube by using this site.
  • Easycube3 takes no responsibility if you fail to learn solving the cube by following our instructions, or if you think that there are other, easier ways to learn solving the cube.
  • Our site may also include links to other websites, such as ads that will help financing the maintenance and improvements to the site. Easycube3 takes no responsibility for the contents of those sites.
  • This product - Easycube3 website, is what you see, and by browsing through it, you accept our terms of use.

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