Step six: positioning the yellow corners

Finally – we are solving the last four corner pieces on the top of the Rubik’s Cube. Firstly, let us have a look if their colors are matched to the sides they corner. The orientation of these colors is not important at the moment!

Taking a look into the colors and positions of the yellow corners of the Rubik's Cube
taking a look at the yellow corners from all sides

In this example, only one of the pieces is matched to the colors of the adjacent sides.
We place the Rubik’s Cube in such a way that the correctly-positioned piece is on the front right side (as shown in the example photo). The other cubes will reach their correct positions with the following rotations.

Pay attention to the next photo and to the notes:

The direction of the rotation of the yellow corners of the Rubik's Cube
the direction of the rotation of corner pieces
  • Our example for positioning had only one cycle of repeating the algorithm. In practice, it often happens that we need another one
  • The front upper right piece is not included in these rotations.
  • It may happen in the starting position that none of the corner pieces is correctly positioned, which means that the first algorithm will be for the positioning of the first piece to match the color of the sides. It is only then that you turn the whole cube according to it and continue the matching of other corner pieces.

It may also happen that all of the four corner pieces at the starting positions are already put on their correct position, in which case you will skip this step...

Last step No. 7 - how to orient the yellow corners