Step 2: solving the colour on the top of Pocket cube 2x2x2

In step 2 we will start (and perhaps we will finish as well) solving the second layer. Our goal is to match the colour on top of the Pocket cube 2x2x2, and in step 3 we will eventually change positions to a couple of cubes.

matched colors on top of the Pocket cube 2x2x2

In the previous step we have mentioned the layout of colours on the opposing sides of the Pocket cube and the possibility to start matching any colour as the basic one. To make this tutorial an easy-to-follow one, even to absolute beginners, we have decided to leave the complete process (from the beginning with the white, to the final yellow colour) in all of the following videos, and you will find them as optional labels. We think this will make it easier to understand and to have a complete overview of the rotations. Only those labels are missing which are not our concern at this step.

If your cube does not show a solved upper colour, as shown in this picture, the final colours of your cube certainly show one of the following 7 positions. Having this in mind, you will choose and apply the adequate algorithm – rotations animated in the following video clips.

The posters in the video clips show the cubes facing their top towards you, in order for you to have a better overview of the layout of labels. Choose the video clip that suits the layout of the final colours of your cube, and start a video to solve it. Certainly, should you like to practise solving the cube a little longer, the clips can be adjusted to play in a loop, and their speed can be adjusted to your wish. They were meant to last two seconds per rotation, and you will surely outpace it in no time!

If you have successfully managed to solve the upper colour of your cube, rotated the upper layer and matched the side colours, it may happen that you have already solved the whole cube.
However, should you notice a couple of cubelets at the wrong positions, then it is time to make it right by going to step 3.

Last step No. 3 - how to stacking corners at top the Pocket cube 2x2x2