Step two: the first layer

In this step you need to pay attention to the other two colours that stand by the white corner cube and by the sides of identical colours. The colour of the central cube in a face defines the colour of that face and the position of these colours is unchangeable!

If the white cube is on the top layer (and if it is necessary), we drag it to the appropriate angle of matched colours and to the starting position.
The starting position is: upper front right angle!

Matching colours for positioning the white corner by rotating the upper layer of Rubik's cube
matching colours and
positioning the white cube

There are three possibilites to position the white cube: to the right, to the front face and up. According to that, we must apply appropriate moves which will be shown now.

White right

White front

White up

White down

These same algorithms are applied to the white corner cubes when they are in the first layer, with the aim to drag them to the top layer. We are talking about the cubes whose starting position is at the wrong place, and therefore need to be dragged out and put at their correct position.
Advice: always start dragging out the cubes by putting the right cube at that position, with that action you will save at least three rotations, i.e. your Rubik's cube will be solved faster. The following video illustrates this action:

Look at the Rubik's cube before taking the next step.

First layer of the Rubik's cube correctly assembled and colours correctly positioned
finally – the first layer is assembled with the correctly positioned side colours

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